Recommended Reading: “The Case of ‘Queer Muslims’: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in International Human Rights Law and Muslim Legal and Social Ethos”

Source: Oxford Journals – Human Rights Law Review

Citing : Human Rights Law Review (2011) 11 (2): 237-274.
doi: 10.1093/hrlr/ngr010

Author:Vanja Hamzić

“This article analyses the past and present positions of the concepts of sexual orientation and gender identity in international human rights law and Islamic legal tradition in order to establish a rationale for the protection and empowerment of the millions of members of various Muslim communities who suffer from discrimination and prejudice solely because of their perceived or actual gender and/or sexual diversity. It argues that the systemic oppression of ‘queer Muslims’ runs against the fundamental principles of both analysed global(ised) legal systems, and that the notions of gender identity and sexual orientation, as pronounced in the Yogyakarta Principles, should be upheld in framing the related legal, religious, social and human rights claims.”

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René Mertens (33) hat Politik / Spanisch und Erziehungswissenschaften an der Freien-Universität / Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin und an der Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) studiert. Sein Arbeitsschwerpunkt am CSDSO liegt im Bereich LGBTI, Vereinte Nationen und Menschenrechte. Neben diesen Arbeitsbereich beschäftigt er sich mit der Frage, wie die Yogyakarta-Prinzipien in die auswärtige Politik und Entwicklungszusammenarbeit integriert werden können um einen inklusive Politik zu ermöglichen. Kontakt:
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